In 1993, Claude, a chef of nearly 30 years embarked on the challenge of creating the perfect chef's hat. It would need to be strong, yet breathable; accommodate every head size; and because of the daily wear in tough conditions, must retail at a reasonable cost. He came up with the ultimate design - "La Toque Demagny". It was comfortable, durable, and provided flexible sizing, at the cost of pennies a day. This unique creation has stood the test of time and continues to stand above the crowd in performance and functionality.
It was only natural that Chef's Hat evolve to outfit the chef from head to toe. In 2000, the company began producing chef jackets, aprons, pants and neckties, adhering to their strict standards of top quality and craftsmanship. Designed by a chef for the chef, the Chef's Hat line of products boasts a strong belief in the profession and an emphasis on quality.

Here it is Chef's Hat new off the assembly line COOL (SIDE MESH FOR COOLNESS) Chef jacket . Canadian material made in Canada .
Can't wait to get a few for myself. It also comes in White with Black mesh or Black with White mesh .Get yours soon  they'r flying off the shelf.

Phone +1 (519) 913.1718

One of the best parts of being involved with  the Feastival of Fine Chefs annual function in Edmonton is, as a comity member to participate in the Auctioned Dinner at Characters. Blair Lebsack formally of Madison's Grill and now NAIT's poster boy, myself  almost formerly of Edmonton ( more to come about that )and Shon Oborawsky  , have just cooked up an awesome supper for 12 . I had a blast ,must say to be in same kitchen with Blair is God send.......An absolute great day enjoyed by all. Huge THANKS to all the participants . Cheers
Here are a few more photos from Saturdays Edmonton High School Culinary Challenge
Its happened again the Edmonton Culinary High School challenge at NAIT this past Saturday consisted of 13 High Schools with teams of 3 students from Edmonton and surroundings. Here are a bunch of photos  from this very successful event. Great to see a lot of the Chefs from Edmonton and even Calgary and Red Deer participating as judges . Great job by Chef Simon Smotkowicz and  Chef Stanley Townsend from NAIT.