This is one of those places where one can get a very nice thin crust pizza a couple of glasses of wine and don't feel a pinch in the pocket
Our friend Natasha joined us  at Ragazzi Pizza a couple of nights ago  for some catching up to do after her travels to Australia and beyond, over the past couple of months. Great company, I wish I could say the same about the food.
We have been to Ragazzi Pizza quite a few times over the past couple years, although I don't consider myself a regular I do enjoy their pizza and to be honest I have had this pizza craving for a while as the winters blues have settled in ,nothing better than pizza ,wine and  good company when somebody else cooks it.
Some how service was lacking a bit this time around, we had asked for a table in the back and yet where sat up front ,we where then told a table would be free in about ten minutes, we then where asked to move to a table that had been free all the time.
Anyway Natasha joined in shortly after,no one had asked us for drinks and such, finally a young lady arrived with menus and drink lists.We ordered a bottle of Amano  Primitivo (nothing to get excited about,tasted more like a cheap home made zinfandel), a Godfather pizza (my favorite) a Margarita pizza and a New York pizza.
After chugging down most of the wine the pizza finally arrived  about 50 minutes, of all the 3 pizzas on this occasion the New York was the best one, the Margarita was lacking the usual basil leafs ,this time was chopped and vary scarce and maybe a bit to much cheese , as for the Godfather,it was a few minutes coming in and as much as I like a crusty pizza this was a tad burned throwing some of the flavours, on top of that the procuitto was a bit thick.
Over all  it wasn't to bad, the service was a bit slow but the company was great.
For the price point without a lot of fanfare it's worth a visit, the dinning room seems in need of an updating, although they have added a couple of things,it still doesn't have that feel.......
The bill was $86.00 for three 
I have rated this one a 12.5%

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    March 2011


    Ragazzi Bistro Italiano