Cheeses are so versatile to use in cooking and yet a lot of people are afraid to use it in recipes. One does not just melted or make a sauce with it,it needs to be incorporated on a lot of recipes in different ways, different uses and most of all incorporated with other cheeses for different combination of flavours. One might try a strong pungent cheese with a more stubble creamier easy going cheese and start building flavours from there.
The flavor flow needs to have a combination that complements the dish and the overall taste of it. In this particular dish I have used a cherry tomato fondue to not only complement the Five cheese rissoto but also to garnish the plate and give it a nice contrast ( as far as I am concerned all garnishes should be edible, none of these trees sticking out of food and such, if you won't eat it don't serve it) 

Rissoto is very simple to make one just needs to follow a few simple steps;
Arborio rice
onion,olive oil or butter or a combination of both
Chicken or any other stock,hot, usually 3 times the amount of rice(1 cup of rice to 3 cups of liquid)
Heavy cream
Cheese or cheese combination
Salt and pepper
Step 1
Add olive oil to pan with chopped onion, cook till translucent,add rice and stir in to the fat and let the rice absorb it
Step 2
Add 1/3 of the liquid to the pot and stir in moderate heat until it's all absorbed . Proceed with the other 1/3 of stock and then the rest of the stock,in other words you need to do it 3 times,by the time the last stock is absorbed the rice should be al dente
Step 3
At this stage I had the cheese combination,slowly while stirring (key component through out the recipe),check to see if the rice has cooked at this point you might have to add a little more liquid, keeping in mind you still have the heavy cream to finis it up
Step 4
Once the rice is just about done add the spinach  and finish it up with the hot heavy cream, and season to taste 
Its that simple

Cherry tomato fondue
Cherry tomatoes cut in half
Chopped onion
Chopped garlic
Olive oil
Bay leaf, parsley and fresh thyme
Cloves,coriander seeds and staranise
Lemon zest,
Sherry vinegar
Worcestershire sauce

In a sauce pot with olive oil saute onions , add garlic and then the cherry tomatoes,mix well and let the tomatoes come to a boil ,add the spices and the liquids and simmer for 2.5 to 3 hours while mixing it once in a while.
To season depending on the flavours,specially if the cherry vinegar was a to much, add a little ketchup .Remove the seeds and  the herbs ,adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Cool and then reheat for service if necessary

PS: By adding sugar at the beginning of the cooking process it makes a wonderful tomato jam

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