Will make an attempt to dissect the menu 
Professor Jalen, cheese expert gave a lecture on cheese for the first 20 minutes in witch 6 cheeses were tasted,( as per the photo on the previous post) we did not cook with any of these
The next course was the soup

Roasted Roma tomato and blue cheese cream
The combination of the two plus a few cheese crumbs in the little baguette basket, was simply pure pleasure , the  sharpness of the blue cheese  was outstanding
For the soup the following ingredients where used:
Roma tomatoes quartered,tossed in olive oil ,garlic and roasted
Leeks and onions where sauted in olive oil till translucent, a couple of chopped carrots where added then the roasted tomatoes 
Chicken stock made the day of was then added to  the pot with a couple of bay leaves and brought to simmer for a few hours
The broth was then pureed and beurre manie was added (equal parts of butter at room temperature and flour kneaded together ) to the soup to thicken, we then seasoning was adjusted  . A little ketchup was added a last minute, just to bring out the zing in the cheese, it was absolutely outstanding
Note to self <a foam would be even nicer.......next time >
As for the crostini baskets, frozen unbaked baked was thin slice and sprayed with garlic infused olive oil then inserted in mini muffin pans and finished in the oven till golden
Up next :Bison Carpaccio