Here I go again,my second cod dish in a week...oh my you might say,does this guy love cod or what?
Truth be told, cod is it pour moi. As much as I love Alberta beef (Spring Creek beef  in particular) I just can not get away from my childhood cravings .
Growing up in an island with abundant fresh fish available some times twice a day, one of our staples specially in the Winter, was salt cod and dried preserved sardines and mackerel ( how I miss that) As much as I love salt cod it wasn't until I came to Canada that I started to cook with fresh cod. 
This is a very flavour full recipe for todays supper. Fresh cod fillets with a simple risotto with an Azorean twist.

1- fresh cod fillet about a pound cut in 4 oz portions 
3oz- of olive oil and canola oil ,1.5 oz each
,5oz- fresh squeezed lemon juice
Salt and pepper to season

Crumb mixture
3oz-panko bread crumbs
1.5oz-regular breadcrumbs
2 tbsp- chopped parsley, i used frozen chopped from the yard
.25 tsp-salt
fresh ground pepper

Mix it all up in a bowl, coat the cod fillets with it,pat down on the cod, I do not use eggs or milk for bidding,pan sear both sides on a hot frying pan with the oil mixture, remove to a pan lined up with parchment paper, top each cod portion with a tbsp of the remaining crumbs,finish in the oven that has previously been heated to 400 F for about 8 minutes

Tomato, onion and olive stew
1-medium onion sliced
3- medium ripe tomatoes
12- Kalamata olives pitted
1tsp- pimenta moida (pepper paste, I use homemade, can be found on any Portuguese store or bakery in Edmonton)
2oz-extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Saute the onions in the olive oil till translucent,add tomatoes ,olives and pepper let simmer for about 15 minutes season with salt and pepper

1-cup of Arborio rice
1/2-small onion finely chopped
1oz-butter, can be subbed with extra virgin olive oil
2-cups of hot chicken stock, I use home made
3/4 cup of heated 10% cream, you can use a heavier cream if you wish,10% does the trick for me with less calories,or you can fore go the cream altogether and sub with more stock
2-oz- freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
This is a simple risotto,one can and should be able to add different ingredients to it
Saute the onion with the butter till translucent,do not burn the onion,add the rice mix well till nicely coated, add 1/3 of the stock mixing well till it dries and then do the same for the rest on the stock (stock is added 3 time while stirring), by this time the rice should be almost cooked,add the hot cream an finish cooking, then add the cheese and mix well, season with salt and pepper

Assemble as per photograph 

Photos taken with speedlight TTL wireless to the left side