FEASTival of Fine Chefs is an annual culinary experience where Edmonton  hotels and restaurants get to showcase their gastronomic talents to more than 1,500 people. All foods featured are Alberta grown or processed in Alberta. Here is my team from the Radisson Edmonton South Needless to say this is Edmonton's most exciting night in the Culinary Industry 
Here are Food images from the 23rd Feastival of Fine Chefs held on September 21,2011
Hope you enjoy...more to come

Oh yes , there is not one born Azorean that does not know or never had a few of these.Growing up these pastries if one can call them that, where served not only on Shrove Tuesday but also on other special occasions only, it was always a treat to have a few of these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malasada 
It used to be an almost competition between the families as who had the best tasting malassadas. Over the years the Azorean made ones seem to be the best ( do you think I might be a bit biased? ...hummmmm ...  I think not ! )
During our visit to Ontario recently we had the pleasure of having theses puppies on two occasions. Both made out doors.
Recipe wise my mother in law would to to kill you if I gave it way. Check the link above  ,one might get some ideas

Going back for food memories sometimes can be very devastating, not the case at Thuan Restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant in London Ontario , where the food is not only outstanding but you are treated as family,some of our group of six will come here  once or twice and some times more a week.

Vermicelli Chicken
Thai curry shrimp
Sweet and sour soup
Pad Thai
Two of us including me had the Thai curry shrimp, simple dish with five  jumbo shrimps,okra ,bell peppers and onion with  rice.
The sauce was just perfect

Here is my version of a Keylime pie from the French Laundry cook book by Thomas Keller, the crust was made as per the recipe in the book for a Lemon Pie
Ingredients for the pie are :
Pine nuts, flour ,sugar , egg, butter and vanilla, I must say that I am very impressed with crust
I have made the Keylime pie with a different crust and feel that the combination of the pine nuts is well beyond what I had in mind
For the Keylime mixture:
Whole eggs, egg yolk, sugar key lime fresh squeezed juice
This a Zabayon made dessert that requires no baking other that the baking of the crust
Easy nice and tardy for a great Summer dessert
Check out the link below for the full recipe at Epicourious magazin

Yesterday at NAIT 4 Chefs  from Edmonton and 1 from Vancouver earned the highest  designation in Canada  within the Culinary industry, the  prestigious CCC designation. It was a day filled with emotions from the candidates point of view, tough judging day from the examiners point of view, in the end 5 out of 6 is a very good percentage, Congratulations to the newest CCC members and a huge thanks to Perry Michetti and the NAIT team for a very well organized event
This past Monday CCFCC Edmonton branch held it's annual awards dinner at the Fantasy land hotel.Very big turnout ,great  dinner prepared by Chef Michael Brown.
These awards are given to those members who contribute  not only the most to the Culinary industry ,but also to the community as a whole .Congratulations to all the winners
Happy  Birthday Mom and many more
85 and counting 


This past weekend we decided to visit family members in Spokane, Washington. We drove  through the Crowsnest Pass, stayed the night in Fernie BC, and then drove down next day to Spokane. 
Driving through the Rockies is always an amazing feat, even thought we did not have much time to spend sightseeing it was none the less a worthy experience. 
Susan ,Rob and the girls where the perfect hosts, we had Cod on Saturday, went out for lunch on Sunday after a trip through downtown Spokane , then had Robs marinated Beef for supper. While the lady's went shopping on Monday ,Rob and I took a trip to Spokane mountain on the way down we had lunch at http://www.shenanigansspokane.com/, Irish pub and brew-house,just behind the Convention Center, I munched on a great Cuban style pork sandwich and Rob had the King Crab and Shrimp melt, awesome food and great beer, we had a few different ones but the Buttface Amber Ale was outstanding. We had Golden Chicken and Tiramisu for supper,needless to say we did not eat much.
We drove back on Tuesday through Montana Glacier National Park, a bit of a longer drive but well worth  it, the scenery is absolutely  amazing and the weather was great.......and then we get back to Winter......