Oh yes , there is not one born Azorean that does not know or never had a few of these.Growing up these pastries if one can call them that, where served not only on Shrove Tuesday but also on other special occasions only, it was always a treat to have a few of these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malasada 
It used to be an almost competition between the families as who had the best tasting malassadas. Over the years the Azorean made ones seem to be the best ( do you think I might be a bit biased? ...hummmmm ...  I think not ! )
During our visit to Ontario recently we had the pleasure of having theses puppies on two occasions. Both made out doors.
Recipe wise my mother in law would to to kill you if I gave it way. Check the link above  ,one might get some ideas

Going back for food memories sometimes can be very devastating, not the case at Thuan Restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant in London Ontario , where the food is not only outstanding but you are treated as family,some of our group of six will come here  once or twice and some times more a week.

Vermicelli Chicken
Thai curry shrimp
Sweet and sour soup
Pad Thai
Two of us including me had the Thai curry shrimp, simple dish with five  jumbo shrimps,okra ,bell peppers and onion with  rice.
The sauce was just perfect