Here is another batch of the culinary high school challenge
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The wife left this morning( Monday) to her granny's funeral (God bless her soul) in Ontario and I am left to babysit Bentley and Baily,,,   ....... so much for having a nice family day LOL.....

Anyway ,after editing the photos for the previous post I figured that eventually one needs some nutrition
Pulled a couple of pork medallions and a half chicken from the freezer,,,, really not to much inspiration there but what the heck, food is food and one has to eat,,turns out it was a great meal 
Here is the recipe:
1-1/2 chicken deboned and flattened skin side down
In a food processor add the  following ingredients and pule until you have a smooth mixture
6-oz of pork loin cubed
2-slices of bacon
2-garlic cloves
2-green onions
2-oz of coffee cream
1-egg whit
1-.25 teaspoon of salt
crushed black pepper
Keep in mind that you can spice it up a bit with some hot pepper (smoked chippolte in adobe would be ideal)
Place the mixture in the center of the stretched chicken and roll,tie it with butchers twine ,sear on all sides in a hot pan, (the removed bones can be used to set the chicken roll on when placed in the oven and left on the pan to make the gravy) season the outside with salt and pepper and place in a 350 oven for 45 to 50 minutes or until the thermometer registers 165 F. remove from oven and let rest.
In the mean time add chopped dates to the pan the chicken was roasting deglaze the pan with .5 cup of white wine, reduce till half,add1 cup of chicken stock and  bring to boil .In a small bowl add .5 table spoon of flour to 3 table spoons of water and mix well  and mix into the stock,bring to boil and simmer 6/8 minutes to cook the flour ,season with salt and pepper

The photos bellow where taken with the SB800 wireless off camera
Here is batch 2
As you can see these kids are really in to it, the concentration ,the team work, just amazing what these kids can do nowadays.

Hope you enjoy the photos ,batch 3 should be posted soon
Chef Michael Brown from Westin Edmonton Tasting culinary delights
It was a blast seeing these kids cooking on a professional stage (NAIT kitchens), although there where a few miscues, what a feeling it is to look at these future chefs for the first time in this environment . Kudos to Chef Simon Smotkowicz  of the Shaw Conference Center  and Chef Stan Townsend from NAIT, for organizing this wonderful event.

More to come....stay tuned
Looks like the flu is gone....clean bill of health from the doctor this morning
Will be posting the  photos from the High School challenge soon
It was great to see these 15/16 year olds create some amazing food, unfortunately I had to leave early to help out the wife...her car 's fan belt blew in a parking lot away from NAIT...Thank God I got there before the panic sets in LOL..... 

Happy Valentines 

The flu is on the way out, the website is running ,not at 100% yet,but will get there soon .
Off to the 3rd High School cooking challenge at NAIT this morning.
Of all the competitions i judge this is the most exciting, the kids these days are way ahead of the game, some of the product is just incredible. Although I have coached a previous team before ,i just did not have the time this year.Last years winner was coached by me the year before
These are teams of 3 students and they will compete 13 other teams for a chance to work a full year under top notch chefs in the city, can't wait to get to NAIT
Will be posting photos in the next few days......
Here are a couple of links to the previous competitions
This is my first post ,welcome to my photo/food blog.
Feel free to give some feedback and I do hope you enjoy the photos.From time to time i will also be publishing recipes and perhaps some techniques on how I am shooting some of the photos
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